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Difficult Turns | New Orleans Auto Repair

If it's hard to turn your car, you need to consult a New Orleans auto repair expert like those at Twin Tire Auto Care. When you were returning home from the Guitar Festival last night you noticed that your car seemed a bit hard to steer. Everything seemed okay while you were going straight ahead,…
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Steering a Bit Slippery? | Steering Problems

If you're having problems steering your car, it's time to find a trusted New Orleans auto mechanic to diagnose the problem. You were driving back from the Bicycle Festival in Abita Springs on Saturday when you noticed your steering felt a bit funny – like it was slipping or moving back and forth slightly every…
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When Your Steering Comes Untied

If your tie rods wear out or break, you're going to need auto repair in Metairie-New Orleans. The Pelicans are back from the road and you’re getting all geared up for their game tonight against the Pistons. In fact you’re so ready for the game that you’re willing to ignore your shaking steering wheel and…
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