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Road Trip This Weekend? | Auto Air

Get your auto air and other systems checked out before you go anywhere this Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is Monday and that’s the cue for an estimated 37-plus million of us to take to the roads to enjoy a three-day weekend. It’s also a good time, says the nonprofit Car Care Council, to make…
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Fact or Fiction.. ABS Brakes Stop Faster

Well the truth here is that ABS brakes take longer to stop your vehicle. Why? and how is that safe? ABS brakes allow you to steer while you are braking since the system automatically pumps the brakes releasing them to spin a little so you can steer out of danger. Lauren Fix from the Car…
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How Fast is Fast?

How fast is to fast? How about 66 feet per second? That is fast... Twin Tire knows how to keep your car in great shape and safe at 66 feet per second. Picture yourself driving 500 miles at more than 200 miles an hour, under the most stressful conditions, never knowing what you might have…
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