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Vibrations | New Orleans Auto Repair

You need the New Orleans auto repair specialists at Twin Tire when your exhaust system needs fixing. You spent the weekend kayaking. It was lots of fun but the drive there and back was a bit worrisome. Your car seems to have developed a funny new vibration and a loss of power. You're not sure…
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A Rumbling Noise | New Orleans Auto Repair

If your car is making a rumbling noise, you need the help of a New Orleans auto repair expert. It’s the big Mardi Gras weekend of the year and you’re all ready for the parades and beads and such. Better yet, there’s so much noise around the parades that no one will notice the rumbling…
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GRRRROWL! | New Orleans Auto Repair

If your car starts growling, it's time to take it to a New Orleans auto repair expert. Halloween must be just around the corner because Boo at the Zoo is in full swing. That's a safe, fun time for New Orleans' kids and parents alike with a Ghost Train, a haunted house, games, entertainment and more.…
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