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Brakes Feel Spongy? | Brakes

If your brakes are soft, it’s time to come by Twin Tire and Auto Care. You started noticing something funny with your brakes when you were headed to the Pelicans game the other night. Instead of responding the way they normally do, your brake pedal felt soft and spongy. That’s a sign, according to auto.howstuffworks.com, that you have brake fluid Continue Reading...
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School’s in Session, Watch for Kids | Brake Repair, Brake Service

Make sure you get brake service and any needed brake repair to help keep children safe around cars. Now that’s school is back in session, kids are in and around cars even more (if possible) than they are during the summer. There are the trips to and from school and all those school and after-school activities. That’s why the National Continue Reading...
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Brake for Service | Brake Repair, Brake Service

The Car Care Council offers seven signs that you need to get brake repair or brake service. You’re considering going to this weekend’s Burlesque Festival. It would be a bit different from your usual weekend activities. But your brakes have been acting funny and you’re not sure whether you should risk driving in crowds. If you’re that unsure of your Continue Reading...
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