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Not the Check Engine Light! | New Orleans Auto Repair

The New Orleans auto repair experts at Twin Tire can help when your check engine light comes on. You were headed home from the zoo last evening when you saw it - the check engine light was on. There are few things a car owner dreads more than to see that light flicker on. Before…
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Hot Engine | New Orleans Auto Repair

Car running hot? You need the New Orleans auto repair experts at Twin Tire. You were pulling into your driveway last nigh after a visit with the kids to the New Orleans zoo when you saw your temperature warning light was on.  You simply shut off your engine, but now you're wondering whether you should…
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Overheated | New Orleans Auto Repair

Car overheating? Take it to a New Orleans auto repair expert like those at Twin Tire. You're heading to the Crescent City Farmers Market thinking about the Green Plate Special when you happen to glance at your dashboard and see that the temperature gauge is lit. Oh, great. Your engine is overheating. "An overheating engine…
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